We Strive to Build Successful and Sustainable Partnerships, Creating Value to our Partners and to the Brands we License - Offering Innovative Solutions to our Customers for the Benefits of our Patients in the Region   
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The MENA Region has drawn a lot of interest in the pharmaceutical industry in recent years, principally due to huge investment in both the private and public sectors; the introduction of mass health insurance and several moves to liberalize national economies. Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Algeria, Jordan, U.A.E, Lebanon and Kuwait are some of the major markets in the Region.

The MENA region will remain one of the fastest growing regions in the world over the next few years due to:

  1. Significant government spending on infrastructure
  2. A very young and fast-growing population
  3. Increasing flow of private investment as more of these emerging markets open 
  4. Increasing access to innovative new medicines due to the rise in chronic diseases and increased coverage of health insurance 

The Region includes a mix of  relatively wealthy but not-yet-saturated markets, fast-growing emerging markets, and a number of under developed markets which together result in long term growth prospects within the Region.

NewBridge utilizes its regional network to partner with companies to seize the opportunity of entering the fastest-growing markets in the Region, whilst helping to balance the risk that is often associated with doing business in new territories.


Country 2015 Est. Pop 2015 GDP per Capita (in USD) 2014 HC expenditure/capita (in USD)
Algeria 39,666,519 $4,206.0 362
Bahrain 1,377,237 $22,600.2 1243
Egypt 91,508,084 $3,614.7 178
Iraq 36,423,395 $4,943.8 292
Jordan 7,594,547 $4,940.0 359
Kuwait 3,892,115 $29,300.6 1386
Lebanon 6,184,701 $8,047.6 569
Morocco 34,377,511 $2,878.2 190
Oman 4,490,541 $15,550.7 675
Qatar 2,235,355 $73,653.4 2106
Saudi Arabia 31,540,372 $20,481.7 1147
Tunisia 11,107,800 $3,872.5 305
UAE 9,156,963 $40,438.8 1611

1.  www.worldbank.org


Our path at NewBridge is defined by three strategic imperatives:


  1. Be the partner-of-choice and licensee for research-based pharmaceutics, biologics and genomic companies seeking to market their FDA and EMA/European approved products in the MENA Region; and providing them with a ”one-stop” and complete regional solution.
  2. Be the preferred partner for existing pharmaceutical companies in the region who solicit the services of NewBridge to further their brand equity and maintain their presence in the region.
  3. Introduce NewBridge’s own propriety brands complementary to our core business model and our existing portfolio.

Why Partner with us

NewBridge is a regional specialty company established to bridge the access gap and partner with global pharma and biotech companies to in-license and commercialize FDA or EMA/European approved innovative pharmaceutics, biologics, and other healthcare solutions in the MENA region. As such, NewBridge serves as a one-stop-solution for our partners, providing multi-country access across a wide region with growing economies but complex regulations and access hurdles.


Professional Team

We are a team with a proven regional and international track record in building efficient organizations and successful brands with high integrity.

Regulatory Capabilities

We can lead the regulatory process from submission to approval and pricing across the Region on behalf of our partners or assist their teams to do so.

Medical Capabilities

We lead Key Opinion Leader engagement and offer both scientific support and Pharmacovigilance to the medical community.

Commercial Capabilities

We optimize the potential commercial value of our licensed assets through our strategic and tactical capabilities in sales and marketing.

Logistics and Financial Capabilities

We offer an experienced finance and supply-chain team in addition to regional and international logistics hubs.

Ethics and Integrity

Ethics and Integrity is one of our core corporate values. We are committed to perform with integrity and according to local and international laws and regulations.