Taghreed Al-Shunnar

Taghreed is Founder and CEO of Professional Effective Solutions, offering consultation to pharma companies working in the MENA region in formulating effective business plans; new product launch strategies as well as turnaround management to assure turnaround success. She has 24+ years of in-depth experience in pharma including technical, regulatory, sales and marketing, business development coupled with exceptional motivational communication and people skills.

Taghreed has extensive international experience with a great focus and understanding of MENA. She held the role of Executive Vice President for Strategic Business Development at Hikma Pharmaceutical until March 2011. She played an instrumental role in the growth and success of Hikma in the MENA region leading the business to increase net revenue of its branded division from $53M in 2003 up to $353M in 2009 and contributing around 63.5% of Hikma’s total world-wide revenue. She was also an important member of the IPO team that helped take Hikma from a local Jordanian company to an internationally recognized public company listed on the London Stock Exchange in November 2005.