Name RealDiet
Description Nutritionally complete formulas for enteral tube-feeding. Include complete nutritional formulas (Standard, low energy, HC, HPHC, fibers, HP fibers, Renal, Peptide references) lactose-free and gluten-free, suitable for adults


The enteral nutrition products RealDiet® cover the basic needs of patients and propose specific formulas adapted for:

  • Normal nutrition needs (swallowing/chewing disorders or insufficient intakes cases)
  • Reduced nutrition needs (reduced mobility, coma, vegetative states)
  • Increased energy need and water restriction needs (cardiac insufficiency or respiratory, convalescence)
  • Increased need in proteins, hypercatabolism (burnt persons, post-surgery, bedsores, cancers, traumas)
  • Transit disorders
  • Renal insufficiency, dialysis
  • Mal-absorption digestive surgery, pancreatitis, hepatic insufficiency, intolerance to regular preparation
Regulatory Status

Currently under registration in the MENA region

Business Partner Lactalis International ®