Delical® is a complete range of clinical oral nutrition supplements.

Description Delical® offers High Protein and High Calorie (“HP HC”) beverages, dessert creams and savory mixed dishes and enriched powders.
Indications Delical® is indicated for:

  • Diagnosed malnourished patients
  • Persons at risk of malnutrition
  • Elderly people with feeding difficulties (swallowing, mastication, dental disorders)
  • Patients with psychiatrics issues: Alzheimer´s disease or neurological disorders (Parkinson)
  • In specific circumstances: hospitalization, isolation, people with pathologies
  • Cancers
  • Some organs deficiencies (cardiac, respiratory renal or hepatic deficiencies)
  • Digestive pathologies responsible for mal-absorptions
  • Chronic alcoholism
  • Infectious or chronic inflammation diseases
Regulatory Status Under registration in the GCC region
Partner Lactalis International