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The AfMET Region

In recent years, the AfMET region has taken a center stage in the pharmaceutical industry, mainly due to huge investment in both the private and public sectors, the introduction of mass health insurance and several moves to liberalize national economies. Egypt, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Algeria, South Africa, Jordan, UAE, Lebanon and Kuwait are some of the major markets in our territories.

AfMET will remain one of the fastest growing regions in the world over the next few years due to:

  • Significant government spending on infrastructure.
  • A very young and fast-growing population.
  • Increasing private investment flows as markets open up.
  • Increasing access to generic drugs and innovative new medicines due to spread of health insurance and rise in chronic diseases.

The region includes a mix of some relatively wealthy but not-yet-saturated markets, fast-growing emerging markets, and undeveloped markets resulting in the long term growth prospects.

NewBridge helps companies seize the opportunity of entering the fastest-growing markets of the AfMET region, while managing the risk.

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