Our Business Network and Unique Value Proposition Provide a Platform to Bridge the Access Gap of Global Innovation Within MENA Region


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About NewBridge

NewBridge Pharmaceuticals Limited is a British Virgin Island domiciled company with its operating affiliate, NewBridge Pharmaceuticals FZ LLC (“NewBridge”), headquartered in Dubai, U.A.E.

NewBridge is a regional specialty company established to bridge the access gap and partner with global pharma and biotech companies to in-license and commercialize FDA or EMA/European approved innovative pharmaceutics, biologics, and other healthcare solutions in the Middle East and Africa regions (MENA). As such, NewBridge serves as a one-stop-solution for our partners, providing multi-country access across a wide region with growing economies but complex regulations and access hurdles.

The areas of Oncology, Immunology, Neuroscience, Gastrointestinal and Nutrition are NewBridge’s current strategic focus. The existing product portfolio was built to address unmet medical needs in the region and enabled the company not just to gain substantial market share but also to help patients gain access to these much needed medications. Future expansion includes providing our own branded products through the establishment of manufacturing and development capabilities.

NewBridge is driven by highly talented teams who come to us with a proven track record and in-depth experience in the pharmaceutical industry regionally and globally, which has allowed NewBridge to establish itself as a strategic pharmaceutical partner in the MENA Region.

NewBridgers are experienced, motivated and entrepreneurial, offering flexible partnership opportunities and best practices in the areas of commercial, regulatory, and medical affairs. In addition, we strive to provide the quality, performance and standards of compliance that pharmaceutical companies look for in a partner to serve as an extension of their practices and values in commercializing their products in the local markets. Furthermore, the team is well connected to a wide range of partners and key stakeholders both inside and outside of the region.

NewBridge is well backed by strong institutional and corporate investors who provide us with the extensive life science network and diverse investment expertise needed to further our shared mission of investing in healthcare, and building a platform of successful alliances in the region. This integrated strategy of regional expertise and strong global business network make NewBridge unique in its offering and well positioned to be the partner-of-choice for pharmaceutics, biotechnology and other healthcare companies seeking access to the rapidly growing markets of Middle East & Africa.

Mission, Vision & values


Our mission is to be a premium specialty company that accesses technology and brings innovative solutions to address unmet medical needs and serve patients in the MENA region.


We strive to be the regional partner of choice for pharmaceutical and healthcare companies seeking access to the rapidly growing MENA region and to build our own branded products to improve the health and quality of life for patients in our region and bring value to our partners and to our shareholders.


Our values are a critical part of who we are as a company today and who we will be tomorrow.

We are committed to introducing high quality and innovative products that enhance the lives of our patients. We strive to provide services that are exceptional and exceed expectations.Performance with integrity is a key part of our foundation. We operate in a sound and ethical manner, complying with applicable laws, regulations and according to our internal code of conduct.
We recognize that leading with vision is where the road to success begins. We inspire and motivate our people; we recognize and reinforce their efforts and we envision, engage and empower them.We believe in the power of a promise. Passionate and devoted employees who put their hearts and minds to work in order to achieve the best results. We value honesty, respect and trustworthiness in all our activities and relationships. We communicate openly and transparently, and appreciate diversity of thoughts and actions.